It seems that World Wrestling Entertainment has pulled the wool over the media's eyes. According to Variety, the announced sale of WWE Monday Night RAW to Donald Trump was all just part of a storyline to be played out on the highly-rated professional wrestling program.

The USA network, which airs the show, issued a press release on the sale on Monday and today the network issued a statement that the "sale" was part of a new storyline where WWE's CEO Vince McMahon, due to economic hardships, was forced to sell some of his assets, one of which being WWE Monday Night RAW to Trump.

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"We intended the release to be promotional for that ongoing story arc on the series," USA said in the statement. "There is no such actual 'sale.' We apologize for any confusion."

Trump is still scheduled to appear on WWE Monday Night RAW as the new manager of the show, in a commercial-free episode.