For every one project that gets greenlit in Hollywood, ten others fall by the wayside, a victim of bad timing or circumstances simply not coming together in the right manner. Something similar happened to Fox's X-Men franchise that was recently handed over to Disney. Actress Dafne Keen, who played the role of Wolverine's daughter Laura aka X-23 in Logan, recently told Looper that the announcement of Deadpool 3 under Disney has made her hopeful of a spinoff film for her own take on X-23.

"I'm 100 percent hopeful. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high in case it doesn't happen, but I really do hope it does because I loved playing Laura. She holds a very special place in my heart and she's an incredible character. And to be fair, the whole Deadpool 3 situation really, really made me happy because, obviously when Disney bought Fox, I suspected they weren't going to do any more R-rated films, but then greenlighting Deadpool is a great sign for other R-rated movies."
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For many fans, Logan represents the best aspects of Fox's X-Men films, a gritty, violent, but heartfelt retelling of the Old Man Logan storyline from the comics. Long billed as Hugh Jackman's final run in his iconic role as Wolverine, Logan saw the character many decades in the future. Struggling to find a way to survive with a gravely ill Professor X, Logan discovers he has a long-lost daughter with the same powers as him, being hunted by an evil organization.

The rest of the film saw Logan and Laura trying to come to terms with their relationship, and Wolverine attempting to fulfill his duties, and save the person who had come to mean the most to him. Despite only appearing in that one movie, Keen's take on Laura quickly became a huge fan favorite, and the actress had previously confirmed that there had been plans for an X-23 spinoff before the franchise landed at Disney's door.

"I got told by some people at Fox that there might be another one, but this was ages ago when we were filming, and they haven't contacted me ever again. I feel like we're just at the beginning, there's more to be told, and it's a relay race. I come into play when they've already written and done pre-production and decided on doing the film, so as soon as they say, 'go,' I'll happily go whenever."

While Dafne Keen may never put on the claws again, she remains grateful for the relationships she forged on the sets of Logan, mentioning, "I sent [Hugh] a text the other day - we were chatting for a bit. We still stay in contact. He's been a massive, very important person in my life." It will be interesting to see whether Disney would want to bring Keen on as Laura for their reboot of the X-Men, considering most fans agree she fits the role better than any other actress. This news first appeared at Looper.