The X-Files 2{@IMG:3RP7lD42byioYbHjQF8KRkkowWURW0|Movie [email protected]}storylines have been leaked. According to, the film will find David Duchovny's Fox Mulder and Gillian Anderson's Dana Scully involved in a couple of alien abductions.

The first installment leaves us with Scully and Mulder on the run. The X-Files 2 picks up in a new location with mostly new characters. It begins by introducing chemically imbalanced Dr. Donarra. His official duty is "working hard to prevent children with non-survivable birth defects from being born". In his spare time, the good doctor dabbles in alien organs and keeps fetuses suspended in jars. His odd secretary (name unknown) alludes to Donarra's Dr. Jekyll persuasions by speaking about herself in the third person and being dependent on his prescribed "medicine."

The next turn in the film takes place at a travel agency, where an alien-believer has taken many hostages. Agents Darby, Plummer and Winlock, who are heading the hostage crisis, agree to grant him and a Dr. Schwartz safe passage to the site of an alien abduction.

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The sequel will introduce agents Robert Coe and Samantha Pitney, as well as a police psychic who helps in the search of a missing girl (alien abductee?). Details are that Scully and Mulder will not enter the movie until the plot has been set.

20th Century Fox will release The X-Files 2 July 25, 2008.