Principal photography for The X-Files 2 has just wrapped in Vancouver, and they held a press conference to talk about the film. According to National Post, star David Duchovny confirmed that they pulled a fast one on the media yet again.

Last week, photographs of Duchovny and co-star Gillian Anderson kissing found their way to the web. On Wednesday, Duchovny admitted to the trickery, simply saying, "We staged that." They previously fooled the media when werewolf photos appeared online, and were later proven to be staged as well.

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The story is said to be a stand-alone movie that is unconnected to the series' original conspiracy plotline, and it takes place six years after the series' ending. However, that's about all they would divulge.

"We're not doing an exercise in nostalgia to appeal to the fans of the show," said co-writer and producer Frank Spotnitz. "We saw this as an opportunity to introduce the characters to people who may have been too young . . . It has a reason for being, even if there'd never been a television show before."