The X-Files revival series has been a smash hit for Fox. So it's no wonder they want to continue on with the series. The network has said from the get-go that there may be more new episodes in the near future. And now, they are ready to commit to The X-Files Revival Season 2. But at this time, there are no firm plans in place for the hit sci-fi series to continue.

The X-Files event series only ran for 6 episodes, with the season finale to air this Monday. And while no one associated with the series is signed to return, Variety reports that Fox executives are no doubt discussing the possibility of bringing FBI Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) back for even more adventures. Some believe more episodes will be ordered soon, if the creative team behind the show agrees that it should continue moving forward into the future.

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This Monday's episode, My Struggle II, which ties into the first episode of this new season My Struggle, is being touted as the Season Finale. It is not being called the Series Finale. And while it will tie up loose threads spread across these other past 5 episodes, and even episodes from the classic The X-Files series, it may just end on a cliffhanger, which is to be expected. Fox entertainment president David Madden had this to say just as the new season was kicking off this past January.

"We said before it aired that we would love to do more, and we are over the moon with the performance. So far, the response has been really encouraging. We haven't talked to the talent yet about Season 2 in any more definitive way than we had prior to airing the show, but certainly, it seems like there's an audience responding to the show that would love to see more episodes."

The new episodes of The X-Files have broken worldwide ratings records, with more than 50 million international viewers watching the two-night premiere event in the first three days following its debut on Fox channels in over 80 countries. The show has kept strong ratings throughout its latest run as well. While there are no official talks for Season 2 going on right now, insiders claim that the biggest hurdle in creating new episodes is once again lining up stars David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson and creator Chris Carter, making sure their work schedules sync up, and that there aren't any conflicts, with all three parties harboring plenty of prior commitments. Fox bosses Dana Walden and Gary Newman had this to say about bringing the two main actors together again in a timely manner.

"The biggest impediment to going forward with 'The X-Files' is the schedule of David and Gillian and, to an extent, Chris...but even the other night at the premiere, we were all laughing and joking that we would love to do this again. So we would be on board if schedules can be worked out."

Both lead actors seem game to do more episodes in the future, despite their already busy calendars. David Duchovny predicted that this wouldn't be the last we see of Fox Mulder. Though he doubts he'd ever commit to doing a full season of the show. He stated the following last year at a press event.

"I would never have gone and done another 22 episodes of 'X-Files. But we're going to do six - well, that's like doing a movie. That's like continuing the show in a way that we all can do at this point in our lives so that's how it all came about ... Six to me sounds very doable at any walk of my life. It's not a great hardship in terms of time. I would hope it will be successful, I would hope we could continue, but right now, I'm just looking at it as these six, and then we'll see what happens."

So, when the creative team is ready to move forward, it definitely sounds like we'll be getting more Mulder and Scully. While some of the reviews haven't been too good, the ratings don't lie. And it looks like fans want Fox to keep this party going. What do you think?Are you excited at the idea of even more new X-Files episodes?