While there is still precious little we know about the Untitled X Files Reboot in terms of story, we do know that it will stay in line with the original The X-Files series, keeping the mythology intact. The show will get a modernization in terms of where we're at as a society. And it will be a mix of serialized episodes with the traditional 'Monster of the Week'. We also know that we'll be getting a total of 6 new episodes, and that original stars Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny will return as FBI agents Scully and Mulder. Appearing on Late Show with David Letterman, David Duchovny went onto reveal that at least two more original characters will be returning as well.

Asked if any other original characters would be back, David Duchovny confirmed that we will see the return of Cigarette Smoking Man, played by William B. Davis, as well as FBI agent Walter Skinner played by Mitch Pileggi. He states:

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"There's Gillian and I, we're original. Mitch Pileggi will come back, and the cigarette-smoking man - if that means anything to anyone - will be coming back."

Played by William B. Davis, Cigarette Smoking Man was Mulder's arch nemesis. He was revealed to be named C.G.B. Spender in The X-Files Season 6. Mitch Pileggi was seen as FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner throughout the run of the original series. In a recent interview, series creator Chris Carter revealed that he has plans to bring everyone back, explaining:

"I have ideas for everyone. Their availability is subject to their regular paying jobs. Of course, I'd like to bring everyone possible back, but it's who's going to fit into the story and who's available."

You can watch the full interview in the embed below. When asked if David Duchovny thought he'd ever be coming back, the actor says:

"When they developed Spanx, I knew I had a shot at coming back."