Another original X-Files cast member has signed on to return for Fox's Untitled X-Files Revival, with Annabeth Gish set to reprise her role as FBI agent Monica Reyes, according to The Hollywood Reporter. She joins a growing list of stars from the original series, such as Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully), David Duchovny (Fox Mulder), Mitch Pileggi (Walter Skinner) and William B. Davis (The Cigarette Smoking Man). It isn't known if she will appear in just one episode of the six-episode event series, or if she will have a bigger role.

The news shouldn't be too surprising, since series creator Chris Carter stated in March that he wants the whole original cast to come back. It was also recently confirmed that the computer hacker group known as The Lone Gunmen, Dean Haglund (Ringo Langly), Tom Braidwood (Frohike) and Bruce Harwood (Byers) will be back, along with Sheila Larken as Dana Scully's mother, Margaret Scully. At this rate, it won't be long before Chris Carter gets his wish and the whole cast does come back.

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New additions to the cast include Joel McHale as news anchor Tad O'Malley, who becomes an unlikely ally to Mulder, and Annet Mahendru as Sveta, a woman who, according to a report from last week, was abducted by aliens and is the "key to everything". Robbie Amell and Lauren Ambrose also star as FBI agents Miller and Einstein. Rhys Darby and Kumail Nanjiani have also joined the cast but their roles have yet to be identified.

Annabeth Gish starred in 23 episodes of The X-Files as Monica Reyes, who often worked alongside Scully and John Doggett (Robert Patrick). The actress started out as a recurring character on the show in Season 8 before getting promoted as a series regular in the final season. The character was last seen in the series finale, as she helped Mulder and Scully go on the run together.

The actress most recently starred in FX's The Bridge, Sons of Anarchy and ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars. She also has a number of films in various stages of post-production, including Term Life and Before I Wake. What do you think about Agent Reyes returning for the Untitled X-Files Revival? The series debuts Sunday, January 24, directly after the NFC Championship Game, with the second episode debuting Monday, January 25 at 8 PM ET on Fox.