Fans are still rejoicing about Fox bringing back the beloved sci-fi series The X-Files for a six-episode limited series, which is set to debut in early 2016. A new report has surfaced which indicates that the second episode of this six-episode revival will be a sequel to the beloved Season 4 episode, Home. There is very little we know about The X-Files Revival as a whole, aside from the returning cast members, such as David Duchovny (Fox Mulder), Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully), Mitch Pileggi (Walter Skinner), William B. Davis (The Cigarette Smoking Man), and new guest star Joel McHale as a news anchor who becomes allies with Mulder.

"Home" was the second episode of The X-Files Season 4, and is considered by many fans to be the best of the show's 10-year run. The story followed Mulder and Scully as they investigated the death of an infant with birth defects, which brought them to the home of The Peacocks, a family full of deformed farmers. "Home" was the first and only episode in the entire series that warranted the TV-MA rating. Naturally, Fox has not confirmed that the second episode of the revival is in fact a sequel to "Home", but there is plenty of evidence to suggest it.

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For starters, this new episode is entitled "Home Again", and it is both written and directed by Glen Morgan, who co-wrote the original "Home" episode with James Wong. "Home Again" is also the second episode of this new season, and the original "Home" was the second episode of The X-Files Season 4. The story centers on a villain known as "The Band-Aid Nose Man," described as, "intimidating, odd, weary, creepy and immeasurably strong," who is said to be a "thought" that came to life.

Naturally, "Home Again" has not been confirmed as a direct sequel to "Home", but it certainly could turn out to be true. Would you like to see a sequel to "Home" when the Untitled X-Files Revival debuts next year? Let us know what you think below.