Frank Spotnitz, the horrormeister behind The X-Files and Night Stalker, has scared up a new seven-figure overall deal at Touchstone Television. The deal kicks in this summer and runs through 2008. It continues a relationship that began in 2004, when Spotnitz left longtime home 20th Century Fox TV to set up his Big Light Productions on the Touchstone lot.

Jana Fain remains as director of development for the company.

Spotnitz was a central creative force on Chris Carter's The X-Files, working on the show from its second season through its ninth year in 2001. He wrote dozens of episodes and co-wrote the story for the The X-Files feature, also collaborating with Carter on Millennium, Harsh Realm and The Lone Gunmen.

More recently, Spotnitz worked with Michael Mann on the CBS cop drama Robbery Homicide Division.