During an interview at San Diego Comic Con, a good portion of the Deadpool 2 cast got together to share some of the people they would love to see join the X-Force. The movie's star Ryan Reynolds pitched that he would like to see Hugh Jackman in their next movie, but not as Wolverine. Instead, he would absolutely love to see Hugh Jackman play as himself as the latest member of the X-Force.

Ryan Reynolds has been pushing for Hugh Jackman to show up in one of his Deadpool movies since the first one came out in 2016. Though Jackman has always turned down the offer, Reynolds has found sneaky ways to include him nonetheless. The first Deadpool featured People Magazine's issue with Hugh Jackman as the "Sexiest Man Alive" on the cover, and then later featured Deadpool with a paper cutout of Hugh Jackman's face under his mask. Deadpool 2 included a bit more of Hugh Jackman, using archive footage from X-Men Origins: Wolverine to actually have Wolverine and Deadpool interact without needing to bring Jackman on set.

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It would seem that, after years of trying, Ryan Reynolds has given up the fight of trying to put Wolverine in his movies, and instead has just settled for Hugh Jackman. Even if Hugh Jackman just made a cameo in X-Force as himself, it would surely delight all of his fans, including Reynolds. This may actually be something that Jackman might be willing to do, as he is certainly no stranger to cameos.

One of the main reasons why Jackman would arguably be more interested in appearing in X-Force as himself rather than as Wolverine is that Jackman has retired the role of Wolverine, which is why he has said no in the past. Jackman is insistent on moving on from the role, and everytime he has been asked about returning, he has made it clear that he'd rather see someone else take up the mantle of Wolverine instead. Bringing Jackman back as himself rather than Wolverine would keep the role retired in Jackman's eyes, but would still allow the A-list actor to appear in the next Deadpool movie after years of Reynolds begging for him to return.

In addition to Hugh Jackman, Reynolds also had a few other suggestions for his X-Force dream team, including Howard the Duck, the Blob, and Captain Planet. Karan Soni (Dopinder) suggested that Celine Dion would be a great fit for the X-Force, which Reynolds absolutely agreed with. Dion already performed a song for Deadpool 2, so Reynolds may hypothetically be able to convince her to return in X-Force for an actual role.

While all of these suggestions were just wishful thinking from the cast, it's still interesting to know what their dream team is. As cool as it would be, it's unfortunately not likely that we will see Celine Dion, Hugh Jackman, Captain Planet, or the Blob in the X-Force movie. Howard the Duck, on the other hand, is in absolute possibility should the Disney-Fox merger go through. All things considered, this was a fun interview from Buzzfeed that only teases us for what we will see when X-Force hits theaters.