X-Men 2:Dark Horizons has picked on a scoop coming in from a set scooper named 'April 27':

"Production is going on schedule (around the halfway point). Fox has asked to see some rough footage from the shooting and from what I've heard they're very happy w/ what has been done so far. For the fans of the X-Men's training room aka the Danger Room...at the moment it will be left out of the shooting schedule, although there is a slight chance it will get back since Fox is giving the production budget a 'few more bucks' plus the fact that the set has been worked on partially. The director, Bryan Singer may be adding a different scene though that was originally cut out...well just have to wait and see."

Here's what he had to say about Nightcrawler:

"On to Nightcrawler. Alan Cumming has been shooting his scenes. He and his stunt double have been working with a lot of wires/bungee aides. The character will be very acrobatic. They're using a slightly different version costume/makeup wise on the character, but it seems to be only an improvement. Very similar to comic, but with some few changes."

CLICK HERE for a list of some other notable character changes in the film....like a Storm hair-do!

In other X-Men 2 news, Stax over at IGN's Filmforce has given the world it's first review of the production script for the movie!

{@IMG:oexxlPo9a0NYJyK3CSKqlkB3UdLoE6|Movie [email protected]}X2 begins where the first film left off. The story opens with the aversion of a major crime that was being perpetrated by a militant mutant. National outrage prompts President McKenna (Smith) to give tacit approval to William Stryker (Cox), a shady government operative and anti-mutant fanatic, to lead covert operations against a major center of mutant activity within North America: Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Children. As revealed in the recent teaser trailer, Stryker and his operatives storm Xavier's mansion and capture several students. Stryker has his own agenda, of course, and the X-Men will serve a purpose for him.

{@IMG:GIYPSZCQIbBLOtweOQQSL3D9HKuK5n|Movie [email protected]}The X-Men who have evaded capture must now determine why Stryker is after them, where he and their captured friends are, and how to stop him. The X-Men also receive assistance from a most unlikely source (guess who?) who has a hidden agenda of their own. There are a number of subplots in X2, including: Logan's investigation into his mysterious past, which is tied to Stryker; the X-Men's first encounter with Nightcrawler (Cumming); and Magneto's (McKellen) growing resolve that his crusade is the only way for mutantkind to survive. The story's locations include New York, Washington, D.C., Boston, and Canada.

X2 logically extends the themes, subplots, and issues established in the first film. Unlike most sequels, its plotline is not merely arbitrary. Instead, it depicts the next phase in the coming war between mutants and humanity that the first film foreshadowed. You really do need to have seen the first film, however, in order to fathom this sequel. Otherwise, X might strike you as a lot of running around and fighting with very little character development to speak of. Fans, however, will appreciate this sequel because it's not unlike picking up the next issue of a comic book with a continuing storyline.

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Star Wars: Episode III:Film Threat has landed a supposed "Top Secret" scoop from someone who claims they have seen the script for Episode 3. If you want to dive into this supposed synopsis of the 3rd and final installment of the greatest space opera to ever hit the screen...CLICK HERE

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: IGN's Filmforce has stumbled across the first photos from the production of this problematic film! CLICK HERE to check them out! Thanks to 'Stax'

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Hellboy:CHUD is running a huge article on the production of Hellboy! CLICK HERE to experience the magic!

The Fountain: Brad Pitt has officially decide not to be involved in Darren Aronofsky's sci-fi flick, The Fountain according to Variety. His reason for this decision is because that he maybe leaning towards the role of "Achilles" in Wolfgang Petersen's Troy. We'll keep you posted...

Tim Burton: So, what's everyone's favoritePlanet Of The Apes director, Tim Burton been up to lately? Check out what the internet movie database is reporting:

Tim Burton, who directed the original Batman movie in 1989 and the sequel, Batman Returns, in 1992, has agreed to direct Batman: The Musical! on Broadway, the New York Post reported today (Friday), citing theater sources. Jim Steinman, who composed the music for the show, told the newspaper:

"We're thrilled he's going to do it. David [Ives, who wrote the libretto] and I floundered around for a year trying to figure out how to musicalize Batman. Then we looked at Tim's original movie and thought, that's it."

The Post quoted sources as saying that the music will cost at least $15 million to mount. Plans are to open it out of town in 2004 and on Broadway the following year.

Thanks to 'Steve'

Stay tuned for HUGE Star Wars stuff next week...~Brian