Studios hoped X-3: X-Men - The Last Stand and The Little Mermaid would be big on DVD. They didn't realize they would be this big.

In a story from The Hollywood Reporter, they report that Tuesday October 3 was "the biggest fourth-quarter opening day in the history of home video."

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First-day sales of X-3: X-Men - The Last Stand were 2.6 million units. The Little Mermaid sold 1.6 million units. "Those figures include sales to rental dealers and account for about 30% of inventory, significantly higher than normal."

"It's an encouraging sign that we're opening the fourth quarter with one new title and one classic doing solid numbers," said Tom Adams, president of Adams Media Research.

Due to these numbers X-3: X-Men - The Last Stand "is the biggest October DVD debut ever, and The Little Mermaid is the biggest animated DVD debut for October."

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