X-Men: Apocalypse wowed Comic-Con crowds and lovers of leaked footage alike with the first teaser trailer this past weekend. But one of the things this first look footage failed to provide was a peek at the new costumes that will be on display. While the original Mutants that make up this franchise did make an appearance, quite a lot of the story is still unknown. The best stuff is being saved for a later date as shooting continues in Canada. The movie takes place in 1983, with the action kicking off the very same weekend Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi debuted in theaters. Many have wondered if the costumes will reflect the colorful X-Men uniforms seen in the Marvel comic books of that era. In a new interview with Yahoo! Movies, director Bryan Singer suggests longtime fans may finally get their wish.

"The X-Men are sort of a fighting team, so it was always an attempt at being realistic to have them in fighting uniforms, flight suits, things like that. In X-Men: First Class,' which I produced and wrote the story for, we hark back to the original colors of the original costumes from the 1963 comics. I will say that in 'X-Men: Apocalypse,' there is a chance -without giving anything away- that you may get closer to seeing what I think, Mr. X-Men News, you are interested in seeing. I know its something that I've been interested in, I just always wanted to do it the right way."
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X-Men: Apocalypse takes three characters originally seen in 2000's X-Men and gives them a younger, fresher spin. Sophie Turner is taking on a younger version of Jean Grey, while Tye Sheridan plays the new Cyclops, and Alexandra Shipp is the new Storm, who eventually goes to the dark side to become one of Apocalypse's Four Horsemen. Bryan Singer, who directed the first movie, explains how excited he is to revisit these same characters 15 years later, bringing something new to their backstory.

"These are very different characters than they were in the films X-Men 1, 2, and 3. They are at times in their lives when they are at the most opposite of what they would become. That's a thrill to me, to take characters I crafted so many years ago and flip them completely on their side and show how they evolved and began."

One of the most compelling points of interest for longtime fans is getting to see villain Apocalypse on screen for the first time. Oscar Isaac is bringing the Marvel icon to life, and was briefly glimpsed in the leaked trailer. Though, it must be noted that he has not been finalized at the effects house just yet, and will be tweaked by the time we see him arrive in all his glory next summer. Bryan Singer talked about why this villain is so important to the ongoing franchise, and why now is the perfect time to bring him in.

"Apocalypse is a pretty cool character. X-Men is always centered around the fight between mutants and humans. This one is a bit different, it deals with the concept of ancient mutantism, gods and men. It deals with issues that are global. Apocalypse makes no distinction between humans and mutants, only between the weak and the strong. He as a character is what is so ultimately compelling."

The director went onto talk more about how different X-Men: Apocalypse is from any sequel yet in the series. We'll get to see images and powers from the comic books that have never made their way into a movie. And it will be action-packed with a pretty epic scope. There are some major stakes at play in X-Men: Apocalypse. It promises to bring the trilogy started with X-Men: First Class to a close, while also kicking off a whole new future venture that will include some of the younger mutants introduced here. What do you think? Does it sound awesome? If you're still unsure, here is the trailer that leaked at Comic-Con in case you missed it.

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