Okay, so some of you will be more excited that Funko is releasing exclusive Pops, or perhaps even ReAction figures for X-Men: Apocalypse. But that sounds like a no brainer, as the collectibles are beyond popular at this point in time. But the greater take away from one of the company's employees being on set is the fact that this latest X-Men franchise sequel will include a fan favorite character no one was expecting. Yes, The Blob will return on the big screen in X-Men: Apocalypse when it kicks off the 2016 summer movie going season.

Benjamin Malartre Bureau, who appears to work for Funko in some capacity (or perhaps he's a super fan of the collectable, but that doesn't explain his presence on set), shared a photo of the exclusive X-Men: Apocalypse medallion on his Instagram, also revealing that The Blob was in Montreal when he visited the cast. The movie is already bursting at the seams with Mutants, most of which have been announced. So it's exciting to see that there are still a few surprises to be shared from Bryan Singer's latest directorial effort.

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It seems unlikely that The Blob will have a gigantic role in X-Men: Apocalypse, and may only feature in the climactic end fight scene against the title villain Apocalypse, played by Oscar Isaac. Its possible that the villain, whose real name is Fred J. Dukes, will join Charles Xavier, Mystique and their new band of Mutants to fight the four horsemen, which include Angel, Storm, Psylocke and Magneto. No other evil Mutants have been announced for the movie at this time, so it's not quite clear if good and evil mutants will team-up to battle Apocalypse, or if a truce has been called, or if the timeline is completely different in terms of alliances since the events of X-Men: Days of Future Past.

The Blob made his first big screen appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Kevin Durand, perhaps best known for his current starring role on FX's The Strain, originated the character for the franchise. In that spinoff, he didn't really get to show off his mutant abilities, instead just eating a lot. According to Benjamin Malartre Bureau, the character is now played by a 540 lbs. French-Canadian who has yet to be identified. There will not be a fat suit or any CGI.

In the original Marvel comic books, Fred Dukes believed he was a freak following the manifestation of his mutant nature. He used his newfound abilities as a carnival performer, where he earned himself the nickname "the Blob." Charles Xavier detected Dukes' mutant status, and invited him to the X-Mansion. The Blob accepted, mostly due to an attraction to the beautiful young X-Man Jean Grey. While visiting with Professor X, Dukes was invited to join the team. He arrogantly refused, believing he was superior to all of them. Xavier planned to wipe all knowledge of the X-Men from The Blob's mind, but Dukes escaped back to the carnival, took it over, and led his fellow performers to attack the X-Men. They were defeated, and Xavier wiped their memories of the incident as well as the Blob's knowledge of the X-Men. Later, Magneto offered Dukes membership in his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. It's unclear at this time what The Blob's role is in X-Men: Apocalypse.

There has been talk of a love triangle at the center of X-Men: Apocalypse. At this time, we know that it includes Sophie Turner as the young Jean Gray and Tye Sheridan as the young Scott Summers, aka Cyclops. The third member of this menage a trois has never been revealed. Perhaps it is The Blob who is also vying for Jean's affections. That could certainly set up some tension, and turn Dukes to the dark side. What do you think?

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