X-Men: Apocalypse is finally coming out this weekend, and though the reviews on it have been fairly mixed, it should still do really well at the box office. And fans seem to still be very excited about it. In addition to being the follow-up to Days of Future Past, which is regarded as one of the best movies in the entire X-Men franchise, there are a lot of new additions to the cast. Aside from a new Storm, Jean Grey and Cyclops, fan favorite Jubilee will be making her debut in the film...Or will she? Warning, potential spoilers for Apocalypse ahead.

In a recent interview with Fandango, director Bryan Singer revealed that, much like the Rogue situation in Days of Future Past, Jubilee seems to have been virtually cut from the film. Singer was discussing scenes that had to be deleted and explained that Jubilee, played by Lana Condor, is in the film in some capacity, but doesn't ever get to use her powers. However, there is a scene that will be on the eventual DVD release where we can see her in all of her mutant glory.

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"We do have a moment where Jubilee uses her powers that you'll see on the DVD...I wanted more Jubilee."

Anna Paquin was very famously cut from Days of Future Past, which also was a bit upsetting to fans. This situation seems to echo that. When it was announced Jubilee was going to be in the film, fans of the 90s X-Men The Animated Series were very excited, as she was quite the fixture in that show and the photos that surfaced appeared to be a very loyal representation of her character. However, fans shouldn't expect a "Jubilee Cut" of the movie like there was a "Rogue Cut" of Days of Future Past according to Singer.

"There will be no alternate cut of this movie. There will be nothing like the Rogue Cut or anything like that. I'm not a big fan of director's cuts or extended editions, I never have been. In the case of Apocalypse, I removed what would be considered a conventional amount from the movie to protect what we call the collective experience of the feature theatrically. How it feels pace wise and movement wise."

Jubilee wasn't the only character who had a scene cut from the movie, as Singer revealed there was also a deleted scene between Scott Summers, who is being played by Tye Sheridan, and his brother Alex. Singer said that scene was cut for pacing purposes. Nightcrawler fans may be a bit bummed to learn that a scene with Kodi Smit-McPhee's new version of the character had a scene cut as well, which is part of a very large mall sequence that Jubilee was also cut from. For those that may not know, the character of Jubilee actually lived in a mall prior to joining the X-Men, so the scene did seem like it would have been very authentic.

Even in the most positive reviews that have come out for X-Men: Apocalypse, one fairly consistent complaint seems to be that there may simply be too many characters to balance perfectly in the film. So it makes sense that certain things needed to be cut. But it is unfortunate that it had to be a character lots of people were really looking forward to seeing. The latest film in the X-Men franchise has already made more than $100 million internationally and should top Alice Through The Looking Glass at the box office over the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. X-Men: Apocalypse opens in theaters tomorrow.