X-Men: Apocalypse officially started shooting earlier in the week, and we haven't been without set photos and character reveals since the cameras started to roll. We already got a good look at /x-men-apocalypse-kodi-smit-mcphee-nightcrawler-photo/Kodi Smit-McPhee as a teenage Nightcrawler, and this reveal was soon followed by /x-men-apocalypse-set-photos-jean-grey-cyclops/set photos of Jean Grey, Cyclops and Jubilee. While in those earlier photos we could see actress Lana Condor was clearing sporting her signature yellow jacket, we get even more pictures today that offer a great view of her comic accurate 80s wardrobe.

The photos in question also feature Sophie Turner and Tye Sheridan in their period accurate civilian clothes. These latest images were snapped as the actors were leaving set. They had been filming scenes inside a mall earlier, where the young mutants had all gathered for a screening of Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi, taking a break from Xavier's School for the Gifted. They also visited Tape World, which we have a set photo of as well. Nightcrawler is also included in these mall scenes, and we have a new photo of Kodi Smit-McPhee in his make-up.

Its not likely that Jean, Scott, Jubilation and Kurt will remain in their every day clothes for long. Its expected that each new member of the X-Men will get costumes that resemble the suits seen in the comics of 1983. The one young mutant we have yet to see is Alexandra Shipp as Storm, with many fans wondering if she will sport her iconic Mohawk from that time period. While we await more set images from this anticipated sequel, take a look:

B. Alan Orange