In the comics, the mutant Nightcrawler is the son of Raven Darkholme (a.k.a. Mystique) and Azazel. The film X2: X-Men United, which starred Alan Cumming as the blue-skinned teleporter, all but abandons this concept. While that film takes place in the same universe as the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse, this next franchise sequel may bring the popular character back to his roots. In a recent interview with DenofGeeks, actor Kodi Smit-McPhee talked about his introduction as this younger version of Kurt Wagner, and promises that we'll get someone more closely resembling what is in the comic books. This will not be the same Nightcrawler we've seen on the big screen before says the actor:

"I think I'm really going to make it my own because it is kind of going back and its seeing the younger character. I realize the Nightcrawler that is portrayed in X2 is one that has been through quite a bit more and has really embraced the superhero part of him-a kind of violent part. Whereas I think what they're trying to show here is the more vulnerable Nightcrawler and the one we all kind of related to in the comics. It's really the fun, happy, swashbuckling Nightcrawler that we all love, so I really can't wait to portray that. He's just very vulnerable and truthful, and grounded in his faith. I think it's something new though that we'll see. But as I said, all of the traditional things that we want in it-it's still there. Hint, hint."

And, of course, one of those traditional elements fans want to see most is Nightcrawler coming out as the son of Mystique. X-Men: First Class featured both of his comic book parents, though Jennifer Lawrence and Jason Flemyng did nothing in that film to indicate they were a couple. They barely interacted. In X-Men: Days of Future Past it is revealed that Azazel was killed by the U.S. Government in events that took place between the two movies. Within this timeline, it's totally possible that Mystique and Azazel had some kind of relationship. In the comics, Mystique abandoned Kurt as a baby, which would explain his absence or mention in X-Men: Days of Future Past. The character was actually supposed to return in that film last summer, but director Bryan Singer felt the film was becoming too crowded. Will Mystique be revealed as Kurt's mother? It sounds like that is definitely a possibility.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange