One of the staples at Comic-Con every year is Stan Lee, who made an appearance during 20th Century Fox's Hall H panel and was part of the massive superhero selfie, with the casts of Deadpool, Fantastic Four and X-Men: Apocalypse. The comic book legend also appeared at an "ask me anything" panel, where he was asked what his favorite cameo was in all of his Marvel movies. He revealed that his favorite is the one he just filmed, for the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse, which is "different" than any other cameo he has ever shot. Here's what he had to say below.

"I did a cameo for the next X-Men movie. When you go see the next FRnas8zP7GDWqw|X-Men movie when it comes out, and see my fantastic cameo, you will say, 'I remember he told me about it here.' It's a different cameo in that it has one additional thing in it. And if that doesn't make you go see FRnas8zP7GDWqw|X-Men, I'm wasting my time."

Of course, Stan Lee wouldn't comment on how "different" his cameo is from any of his other roles, but we saw in today's Nerd Alert that Stan Lee has had cameo roles in 24 Marvel movies, dating back to The Trial of the Incredible Hulk back in 1989. Most of his cameos feature just one memorable line of dialogue, so perhaps the one "additional thing" could simply be another line. Or, he could be shown on screen in a much different way entirely.

Given the destructive nature of Apocalypse, played by Oscar Isaac, it's possible they could change things up and actually have Stan Lee be one of this villain's victims, marking the first time he dies in one of these cameo appearances. That's only speculation at this point, and it could be "different" in other ways, like perhaps he has an actual supporting role instead of a cameo, or perhaps he could be a motion-captured or CGI character, of some kind. Sadly, we'll have to wait until next May to find out how "different" this cameo really is.

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What kind of cameo would you like to see Stan Lee have in X-Men: Apocalypse? Perhaps he plays a security guard that Quicksilver speeds by, or a mutant Apocalypse can control with his mind-powers. The options are endless, when you think about it, so weigh in with your own perfect cameo for Stan Lee below.