Old school fans of G4's Attack of the Show not only know Olivia Munn as a ravenous sex fiend, a personality trait which she proudly satirizes in the comedy Mortdecai, but she is also a hardcore nerd. So when she joined X-Men: Apocalypse it sounded like a perfect fit for the self-proclaimed comic book fanatic. She will be playing popular Mutant Psylocke in this latest X-Men franchise adventure. And it looks like she is really getting into the spirit of the character.

We've seen previous set video of Olivia Munn training for her role. Today, new intsagram video shows the actress swinging a sword and doing a backflip off a platform as she prepares for what will surely be a gigantic action set piece. We've already gotten a glimpse of Olivia Munn in her Psylocke costume in a set of photos released during Comic-Con, along with a Con exclusive trailer that introduced her on screen for the first time. Fans were much more accepting and excited about Psylocke's look in the movie than main villain Apocalypse. Some fans have been comparing him to Power Ranger's baddie Ivan Ooze.

X-Men: Apocalypse finds the world's oldest mutant being awakened from his ancient Egyptian tomb. He has revenge on his mind. Not just against one person, but the entire world. Setting out to conquer mankind, he goes on a mission to collect his four horsemen. The first three members, all willing participates, are Storm, Angel and Magneto. Olivia Munn's Psylocke serves as the four key. And as you can see in these on-set sneak peeks, she has the moves to back up her actions.

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Psylocke is working behind the iron curtain when Oscar Isaac's Apocalypse discovers her. She doesn't have a very pleasant attitude at first, and the pair seem to be a perfect match. At the time of their initial encounter, Psylocke is working for the Mutant-broker Caliban. And there is no love lost between those two as Psylocke sets off on a new course of destiny. She joins Apocalypse in collecting the other three horsemen. Angel is found in a a Berlin fight club, while Storm is living homeless on the streets of Cairo. She is in search of a god she can call her own, and finds her meaning and purpose in Apocalypse.

Perhaps the strongest mutant in Apocalypse's small but powerful army is Erik Magnus Lehnsherr. Following the events of X-Men: Days of Future Past, he has taken up sanctuary in Poland, where he meets the love of his life. Setting up a seemingly ideal lifestyle for himself, it all comes crashing down just before Apocalypse arrives to pull him up by the bootstraps and give him a new purpose in life. Together, Angel, Psylocke, Storm and Magneto set out to help their new father-figure take over the world. But their plan is thwarted when Charles Xavier and Raven show up with a newly trained team of mutants who are up for a good fight.

Will Professor X be able to turn Psylocke over to the good side? In the comics, she does eventually join the X-men team. In this latest set video, we get to see Olivia Munn's Psylocke using her Katana and Pre-CGI Psychic Knife, which she uses to dispatch her enemies. She is greeted on-set by her nieces, whom she spares with in one photo. It's a fun look at Miss Braddock, and how she'll be using her skills in the finished movie when X-Men: Apocalypse hits theaters everywhere next summer.

B. Alan Orange