Hollywood must have a synced production cycle, because every year, once the first summer blockbuster wraps, they all seem to wrap at around the same time. Yesterday, Marvel co-president Louis D'Esposito announced that Captain America: Civil War had closed shop. Now comes word from director Bryan Singer that first unit production has also wrapped on his franchise sequel X-Men: Apocalypse. He even shared a photo from the last day of production on Instragm, along with three shots from the after party that include a few of his cast members.

2016 is going to be an explosive year for superhero cinema! Not only are we getting X-Men: Apocalypse, the film that will kick off next year's summer moviegoing season, we're also getting two spinoffs, with Deadpool arriving in February and Gambit debuting in October. That's not to mention Disney and Marvel have Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange lined-up for next year, and DC and Warner Bros. are debuting Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. All big movies! Though, X-Men: Apocalypse has the potential to be one of the biggest of them all, as it sports a wildly diverse and expansive cast of young and old mutants alike.

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With X-Men: Days of Future Past, director Bryan Singer successfully managed to merge the original trilogy with the new prequels, allowing all of the characters a true moment to shine. Now, X-Men: Apocalypse promises to bring the entire franchise as it stands to a close, opening up quite a few possibilities for the future. Bryan Singer certainly hasn't been shy about sharing the process with fans, as he's spent the majority of the shoot posting behind-the-scenes photos and video almost every week. Before shooting even began in Toronto, he was giving audiences a sneak peek at fan art and potential new characters. There have been plenty of clues littered throughout, and it's been a fun experience.

But just because the film has wrapped, don't expect Bryan Singer to halt his social media presence. He will continue to post various teasers throughout the post-production and editing process. For now, all of the main unit work is finished. Though, Bryan Singer still has some second unit production work to get through, some of which we'll surely see as it gets completed. The director stated the following.

"That's s wrap on main unit. But still more to shoot over the next few weeks with second unit. But now...the wrap party! #xmen #xmenapocalypse"

Bryan Singer has yet again shared a look at a massive practical set. He doesn't tell us what it is, though. Possibly part of an Egyptian monument? Or perhaps it's part of the X-Mansion we haven't seen yet. In the monitors, you can see an unidentified woman standing inside this structure. It's speculated that the woman is Rose Byrne, reprising her X-Men: First Class character Moira MacTaggert, a CIA agent and mutant ally. The actors is confirmed to play a significant role in this particular story.

Along with the set photo, Bryan Singer also shared a few images from the wrap party, showing off a menu that includes cocktails named after Nightcrawler, Mystique, Apocalypse, Angel and Cyclops. Appearing in one photo long side the director are male cast mates James McAvoy, who plays Professor X, Ben Hardy, who plays Angel, and Josh Helman who plays Colonel William "Bill" Stryker, M.D. A second image shows Bryan Singer with two new female cast additions, Alexandra Shipp who plays Storm, and Olivia Munn, who plays Pyslocke. Both are part of Apoclaypse's Four Horsemen.

A teaser trailer was released during Comic-Con, which later leaked on the Internet. It was never made officially available to the public. With production wrapped, its possible that we could see the first official X-Men: Apocalypseteaser trailer in the next couple of weeks. Its speculated that 20th Century Fox will be marketing the film very aggressively in the wake of the bomb known as Fantastic Four. For now, we'll have to remain content with the occasional photos as they are released on Instagram.

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