The production of the next two X-Men movies, Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants has looked very cloudy, with both movies being pushed back significantly in order for them to receive reshoots. Unfortunately for X-Men fans, a new report has surfaced claiming that Disney and FOX plan to completely scrap these projects as the damage may be irreparable.

While a couple of Fox's more recent Marvel movies have been rather successful and high quality, specifically the Deadpool movies, the rest of their Marvel flicks have not been met with open arms. The 2015 Fantastic Four was an utter disappointment, X-Men: Apocalypse was a huge step down from Days of Future Past, and their next two movies may be following in the same path.

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The New Mutants was originally slated to release earlier this year, and even had a trailer released back in 2017. However, after Fox reportedly deemed the final cut of the movie "boring" and "unwatchable," they ordered extensive reshoots that pushed the release date until August 2019, making a nearly year and a half difference between the two release dates. According to a recent report, the issue with New Mutants came from director Josh Boone and how he adapted the movie.

According to the report, Fox initially wanted the movie to be set primarily in the X-Mansion, being based directly on the comics. It even had a final battle against a Sentinel during the third act, which feels just like an X-Men comic book. However, Josh Boone came to them with a rather different vision carrying a significantly darker tone which they decided to follow. Now, FOX is apparently upset with their decision to follow Boone's vision and are desperately attempting to reshoot accordingly.

Other issues surfaced with the production of The New Mutants as the cast has been noticeably unhappy. Actress Anya Taylor-Joy, who plays Magik, reportedly did not get along well with another cast member. Additionally, it's understandable that the rest of the cast would be uptight as the movie has been in and out of production for over a year now, which is much longer than what they initially signed on for.

While we don't have as detailed of a report on X-Men: Dark Phoenix, we can imagine that the sequel is in the same boat. According to the report, Fox is now considering just scrapping the two projects, and the Fox-Disney merger isn't helping much. Apparently, Disney is starting to become more active in the decisions at FOX and are just as displeased with the two X-Men as the rest of the Fox executives. It would seem that if Fox doesn't cut their losses on X-Men: Dark Phoeni} and The New Mutants, then Disney will do it for them when they take over. Disney will want to integrate the X-Men franchise into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it would be difficult to do that successfully if X-Men: Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants were absolute bombs.

This report came from Superhero Hype by a user who has been deemed reliable, but it should still be taken with a grain of Thanos dust. Fox does indeed cancel the next two X-Men movies, they will essentially be tossing out hundreds of millions of dollars. Only time will tell if we'll ever get the chance to see X-Men: Dark Phoenix or The New Mutants hit theaters, but at the moment, it's not looking too likely.