While promoting his upcoming thriller Prisoners, Hugh Jackman also spoke about X-Men: Days of Future Past. Here's what he had to say, revealing that he thinks the fans will be blown away by the sequel, and that it is three movies in one.

"I know, having sat at Comic-Con on that panel with that extraordinary cast, I keep saying it's like two movies in one, but with the size of it it's really three in one. It really is going to blow people away because of the story. Bryan Singer, I think, is going to become the first director to make increasingly better movies in a franchise, I'm not sure if there's anyone else that's done it."

He also credited Bryan Singer with essentially creating the superhero genre with 2000's X-Men.

"Few people credit Bryan for what he deserves credit for, which is really creating the genre. There wasn't really a superhero genre before X-Men came out. I remember catching a plane when we were doing The Prestige with Christopher Nolan, and he said he had always Batman in his mind, even way back before 2000. He had the version of Batman that he made in his head. He said when he went into the cinema and saw X-Men, he said, 'Damn, that's my idea.' The idea that you can really delve into the emotional life, the vulnerabilities of these characters. That, as well as being amazing, is what's going to hook people and make people care. That's what Bryan did, and he had a lot of courage to do that."
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