X-Men: Days of Future Past is just over a month away from hitting theaters across the globe. To celebrate its impending release, EW has debuted their Summer Movie Preview double issue, which puts Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) front and center with Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Magneto (Michael Fassbender) bringing up the rear on the cover. And MTV has debuted a sneak peek at their exclusive MTV Movie Awards 2014 clip, which will play in full during the show this Sunday. Here, Mystique confronts Stryker about her beautiful blue appearance before spinning a kick right into his face.

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X-Men Days of Future Past EW Cover

Adapted from a fan-favorite 1980 comic storyline by Chris Claremont and John Byrne, X-Men: Days of Future Past follows a group of Mutants as they are hunted in the distant future by mutant-killing robots called the Sentinels. Wolverine is sent back in time to his 1973 body to stop Mystique from assassinating the inventor of the Sentinels, Bolivar Trask. Keeping Trask alive prevents a devastating war between mutants and humans, and keeps Mystique among the good mutants. Also during the course of the film, Wolverine must unite Magneto, who's been imprisoned for the JFK assassination, and Charles, now a drugged recluse living with Hank, aka Beast.

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X-Men: Days of Future Past spans two decades, six countries and more than a dozen headlining stars. Not too mention hundreds of killer robots. The franchise sequel is 20th Century Fox's biggest production to date, with a price tag of over $200 million. Producer/writer Simon Kinberg had this to say about the mega-budget epic.

""I think this is the biggest movie Fox has made that James Cameron didn't direct."

Adds producer Lauren Shuler Donner,

"We have to deliver, and that's really hard. Plus, we don't use guns, we use powers. The power is a visual effect. So by its very nature, it's going to be pricey."

In regards to Mystique's turn to the dark side, and her possible redemption, Simon Kinberg says,

"A lot of people have an emotional investment in her not going to the dark side."

In the end, Kinberg believes the epic storytelling will widen the path for more Mutant adventures in the future.

"The hope is that X-Men: Days of Future Past will broaden the audience for X-Men such that it will motivate potential spin-offs even more. Everyone grew up knowing Captain America or the Hulk, but not X-Men characters, I didn't even know who Wolverine was."

What does director Bryan Singer have to say about these characters?

"I call X-Men the bastard stepchild of the comic universes."
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