20th Century Fox rolled out its superhero prequel X-Men: First Class at midnight, taking in an estimated $3.4 million from those late showings. That number is just slightly ahead of Marvel's Thor, which earned $3.3 million in midnight screenings nearly one month ago.

It isn't known how many screens X-Men: First Class played in at midnight last night, although it opens in 3,641 theaters nationwide starting today. Some have tracked X-Men: First Class earnings at between $48 and $55 million this weekend, while others believe it could gross north of $60 million. Since X-Men: First Class took in slightly more than Thor at midnight, it may very well replicate Thor's $65.7 million opening weekend, or come close to it.

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X-Men: First Class also opened in several international territories on Wednesday, although international box office numbers have not been made available yet.

Be sure to check back on Sunday for the full box office numbers from X-Men: First Class and the rest of the movies currently playing in theaters.