Live5News is reporting that production on X-Men: First Class is currently underway on Jekyll Island, Georgia:

The set is up, and movie producers are starting to film in several locations around Jekyll Island for the X-Men: First Class movie. RELATED: Proof Disney Is Retconning the MCU Now That They Own X-Men?

The film is bringing money to the island because crews are staying and eating at many of the local restaurants. Local officials are hoping that once summer hits, tourists will do the same. Eric Garvey, chief communications officer for Jekyll Island Authority, said they are very excited to have crews on the island.

"I understand some areas you won't recognize but some areas you will like, for example, the fishing pier will be recognizable in the film. So we are excited about that. Hopefully, it will drive some visitation here and on in the future,"said Garvey.

Garvey said producers also have several different locations set up throughout Glynn County.

Kevin Bacon chatted with Philadephia Style and offered a small bit about his role in :

In X-Men: First Class, slated to open in early June, Kevin Bacon plays mutant villain Sebastian Shaw. Although it's his first major action role (the only thing that comes close, he says, is 2000's Hollow Man), it's not a particularly demanding part physically. "I'll let the younger actors do that," he laughs. "I'm more one of those sit-in-my-chair-and-destroy-the-world type of guys."