Savannah Morning News has posted an aerial photograph with a glimpse at the location being used to film X-Men: First Class on Jekyll Island near Savannah, Georgia. Click on the image to take a look at this new shooting location for Matthew Vaughn's upcoming Marvel prequel. You can also read below for new information on potential legal troubles the production may be facing:

X-Men: First Class Location Image on Jekyll Island

Savannah Morning News reports that the Georgia Department of Natural Resources approved production on X-Men: First Class to take place in a 4.5 acre area of the Jekyll Island State Park, although it didn't issue a permit, as required by the state's Shore Protection Act. Since a permit wasn't given, there was no public forum for residents to chime in on the new development. Here's an excerpt from the article:

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"The approved activities involve the use of heavy equipment in the dune field and beach to move tons of sand and dramatically alter the area in creating a site location in filming scenes in a new 20th Century Fox movie, part of the X-Men series.

DNR officials say they have often used a letter of permission instead of a permit to approve projects that are temporary - involving no permanent structures or site changes within the shore protection area. However, the origins and extent of this practice remain obscure, and there is no mention of it in the Shore Protection Act."

While the DNR is requiring the production to restore the area after production wraps, they aren't required to "enhance" the area, as was the case with the 1989 movie Glory, when scenes were shot on the island. Since fines are normally levied for a resident driving a car on the sand dunes or even pulling sea oats from the dunes, many are surprised the DNR is going to these lengths to accommodate the production.

It doesn't seem that any legal action is currently pending at this time. You can CLICK HERE to read the entire article.