The best time to get superhero updates is while any key member of the production team is out promoting one of their other projects. That was the case with Simon Kinberg, who penned this weekend's This Means War. While trying to sell that romantic adventure to the masses, he also slipped in a few asides about his next writing/producing job, the X-Men: First Class Sequel.

What did he reveal? For starters, he hinted that there will be a lot more Magneto, as played by the great Michael Fassbender, this time around. In fact, this follow-up to X-Men: First Class will be quite Magneto top-heavy.

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"I'm a huge X-Men fan. I grew up loving the comic books and it was really exciting to be able to do the origin story of Xavier and Magneto, and getting those two actors, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender, were really amazing. So being able to explore those characters with actors of that quality will be exciting a second time around, and doing some things unexpected with those characters, which is the plan.

That's what was so cool about the first one and what we want to continue. Magneto becomes the villain ultimately of the franchise but he's a much more complicated character as a young man. He's someone you sympathize with, you care about and you root for even though you might not necessarily agree with his methods, you understand his philosophy.

The truth is ultimately that because Michael is such an interesting actor, he'll never be full-on anything. He'll have a villainous side and he'll have a sympathetic human side you'll be able to relate but you'll also be afraid of him. He becomes Magneto, he says 'Call me Magneto' at the end of the first movie."

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