Trust me. You don't want to read this story. But you just can't help yourself. Can you? Why are we perpetuating this news? Because its now everywhere this morning, and its in headlines. We didn't want to ruin the surprise, so we're keeping this marked as a spoiler alert!

Trust me, it's a lot funner if you see the movie fresh. Turn back now, or forever hold your peace. You've been warned!


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In this age of social networking and digital media, it is hard to keep any good cameo a secret nowadays. The news of a popular mutant making his/her way into X-Men: First Class was /hugh-jackman-appearing-as-wolverine-in-x-men-first-class/revealed way back in November, when a taxi driver announced via his Twitter that a certain actor had just been picked up from the set. A few short /bryan-singer-says-no-wolverine-in-x-men-first-class/hours later, Bryan Singer said this was completely false, and that this extremely popular mutant was not in X-Men: First Class.

Well, that particular mutant may not be in the movie, but a hugely popular Australian actor does make a cameo, and he gets possibly the biggest laugh in the film. An on-line reviewer who saw the movie at an advanced screening dropped the news late yesterday, and some pretty big outlets have picked it up, announcing this in their headlines. What jerks!

Here is how they described the scene.

"Half way through X-Men: First Class, as Professor X and Magneto are traveling the world looking for mutants, they come across (a popular mutant) in a bar. Before they can get a sentence out, (this mutant), without looking at them tells them to "Go [frick] yourselves." They leave.

The character's appearance gets a laugh, his attitude and language gets a double laugh, repeating on itself, through the audience. It's a superb scene, well played, well staged, well placed. And it's the only moment such language is used in the entire film. We loved it."

Do you feel a little dirty having read that? We do.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange