Could we see Jubilee show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? If Lana Condor gets her way, the actress will bring the yellow-jacketed mutant back for more. Condor previously played the fan-favorite character in 2016's X-Men: Apocalypse, but it wasn't enough to satisfy those who were truly hoping to see her in action. However, with the X-Men set to join the MCU in the future, there is hope on the horizon.

Lana Condor has been promoting To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You as of late. During a recent interview, she was asked about the possibility of returning as Jubilee in a future X-Men project. Condor is very much open to the idea and would like to do justice to the character in a way that simply didn't happen in her first appearance. Here's what Condor had to say about it.

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"I think that now is a really good time and I would really like to do her justice because she didn't have it five years ago and I don't think ever has. She's a fantastic character and now I think is the perfect time to give her what she deserves, so I would love to go back and do something with her."

Fox previously owned the rights to the X-Men franchise. Last year, Disney purchased most of Fox's media assets in a landmark $71.3 billion deal, which put the rights to the X-Men, as well as Deadpool and the Fantastic Four, in the hands of Marvel Studios. That means, the mutants will be joining the MCU, but it's not yet clear how the studio plans to accomplish that, or when it will happen.

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has confirmed that an X-Men reboot is in the cards. Does that mean actors who have appeared in the franchise in the past won't be able to return? That's the big question right now, but it seems likely they will want a fresh start. Lana Condor reveals she hasn't heard anything from Disney yet, but that she has put the bug in the ears of the right people

"I haven't [heard anything from Disney], but I did see some of the filmmakers at [the Vanity Fair Oscar party] the other night and I was like 'Hey... don't forget, don't sleep on her,'"

Jubilee was featured in X-Men: Apocalypse and was a character many fans had wanted to see for some time. However, it served as something of a disappointment, as her role was essentially a glorified cameo in a movie that was largely rejected critically. It also proved to do middling business at the box office, as this franchise goes, with $543 million worldwide. With that in mind, Jubilee certainly deserves a chance to shine in live-action. It's just a matter of whether or not Lana Condor will be the one to make that happen. This news comes to us via The Wrap.

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