Comic book deaths are often memorable and very impactful. Some of the greatest Marvel Comics storylines of all-time have revolved around major character deaths. However, those who die rarely ever stay dead. Some just stay dead for longer than others. Such is the case with the actual Jean Grey, one of the most important members in the history of the X-Men. She has been dead for 13 years, but the character is finally set to make her return in a new limited series called Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey.

As reported by, Marvel Comics made the reveal that Jean Grey is returning via new solicitations for the publisher's December slate of titles. Phoenix Resurrection will be part of the new Marvel Legacy initiative, which promises to return to some of the characters and stories that helped make Marvel what it is today. We'll get into why this is such a huge deal in a second, but for now, Here's the official synopsis for Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey.

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"Strange events are no surprise to the X-Men, but when events start occurring that are more specific and strange than usual, the group is forced to confront the truth: could Jean be alive after all? And how will this Jean Grey deal with a world that is now so different from the one she left years ago?"

In the current Marvel Comics continuity, there is a young Jean Grey who was brought into the current Marvel timeline by present day Beast, along with young Beast, Cyclops and Iceman. So Jean Grey has been present in some form in Marvel recently, but she is not the actual, adult Jean Grey that famously turned into the being known as Phoenix, which made for one of the most famous X-Men comic book storylines ever. The adult version was killed in New X-Men #150, which was released 13 years ago, and has remained dead. It isn't clear how she is going to return, but according to Marvel senior editor Mark Paniccia, this return will have major implications.

"Something this big will leave quite a footprint on the Marvel Universe. Jean will have a startling new role after this, and you're left wondering, 'How will the rest of the X-Men respond? What will happen to young Jean Grey?'"

It probably isn't a coincidence that this storyline is taking place at the same time that X-Men: Dark Phoenix is being filmed, which is set for release next year. Phoenix Resurrection, which is going to be a five-issue miniseries, will be written by Matthew Rosenberg (Secret Warriors) with art by Leinil Yu (Secret Empire). The first issue of Phoenix Resurrection will be released on December 27. You can check out the first art from the book for yourself below.

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