X-Men Origins: WolverineTwentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment Announced Today That X-Men Origins: Wolverine Now Holds the Record as the...

#1 Best Selling 2009 New Release Blu-ray Disc

#1 Title On Cable VOD For The Second Week In A Row

One Of The Top 10 All Time Best Selling Blu-ray Titles Ever

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment's X-Men Origins: Wolverine continues to break records on the home entertainment charts. "The resounding success of Wolverine on Blu-ray reveals that the consumer still craves their movies the best way possible" said Mary Daily, Executive Vice President, Marketing, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Live Lookup, powered by IMDb launched on X-Men Origins: Wolverine and quickly became the studio's most successful BD-Live feature to date. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment/MGM currently have 4 titles sitting on the Top 20 Blu-ray New Release chart for the year, now including the #1 and #2 spots with X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Quantum of Solace, respectfully.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine paints the vivid and difficult journey of the legendary superhero. Hugh Jackman returns as the iconic character in an epic adventure that pits Wolverine and all the mutants against powerful forces determined to eliminate them. Spanning over 150 years, X-Men Origins: Wolverine chronicles young James Logan and his tortured past...from boy, to man, to mutant. The conflicts with his half brother Victor Creed aka Sabretooth (Liev Shreiber), his membership in Team X, his infamous adamantium rebirth and the total memory loss that ultimately fuels his angry quest. Directed by Gavin Hood from a script by David Benioff and Skip Woods, X-Men Origins: Wolverine delves deep into the X-Men universe by introducing comic-book mainstays into the film including Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, Taylor Kitsch as Gambit, Danny Huston as Colonel William Stryker, Dominic Monaghan as Bolt and Black Eyed Peas front man Will.i.Am as Wraith.