With the rise in popularity of superhero movies and a more general awareness of nerd-centric things in pop culture, all coinciding with comic book conventions like San Diego Comic Con, the art of cosplay has been lifted to a new level. At times, the level of authenticity and detail to these costumes are baffling. Some things are trickier than others though, like, if you wanted to actually shoot ice from your hands like Iceman from X-Men, for instance. YouTuber Colin Furze has you covered.

In the latest video on the Colin Furze YouTube channel, he decided to take on the challenge of being able to make a device that could do what Iceman is able to do in the X-Men movies. Granted, the end result can't do all of the crazy stuff that Bobby Drake (Iceman) can do, but it is pretty impressive. Furze decided to use liquid nitrogen and fashioned a blaster of sorts to make it all work. Here is what he had to say about making the video.

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"Iceman, the X-Men that can freeze stuff. Yes, he can freeze stuff by touching it, he can shoot a bolt and freeze rays from his hands, and of course his most extreme thing, he can turn himself completely into ice. But what's someone, Mr. 30-degree body temperature Colin, how am I gonna replicate that? Well, of course, I have a plan."

Obviously, Furze wasn't able to turn himself completely into ice, but what he was able to accomplish was really cool. He essentially crafts a backpack out of a Thermos that holds the liquid nitrogen, which has a tube and an adapter connected to the top that runs down his arm to the blaster nozzle he fashioned. He has a way of making it all seem delightfully simple, but it is really very complex, especially to have to come up with all on your own.

This isn't the first X-Men related superpower Furze has replicated on his YouTube channel. In the past, he has also successfully tackled Pyro, Wolverine and perhaps most impressive, Magneto. Outside of his mutant related inventions, he has also created other such unsafe, reckless and fun looking things like a thermite launcher, aka the flame throwing guitar from Mad Max: Fury Road. It is safe to say that pretty much all of these come with a "don't try this at home" kind of warning.

Iceman first appeared on-screen in Bryan Singer's X2 and most recently in X-Men: Days of Future Past, where he was seen creating ice all over the place that he was able to ride on expertly like Silver Surfer. It goes without saying that Furze couldn't do that in his video, but the final product is like a very cool Iron Man-esque, Iceman inspired blaster that actually works. There are two videos. One in which he shows how he built the device, and one in which he uses it. Both are very worth your time, if you have ever thought it might be cool to have mutant powers of some sort. Be sure to check out the videos for yourself below.

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Ryan Scott