So you haven't had a chance to see X-Men: The Last Stand in theaters? Oh, you must be the one who was waiting in line at the theater and got the news that the show was sold out.

Well, fear no more! You can play X-Men in your living room in the official game from Activision. When I first took on the task of playing the game, I realized I was in for more than just a regular mutant adventure.

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What makes this game different from a lot others is you're able to set subtitles for all the movies in the video section and during the game. The actors don't supply their own voices to the characters, but they're close enough you can't tell.

The game has a great opening theme and animation; the official music of X-Men is played as you sign into the game. You're immediately flushed through the mutants layer and takes you inside Professor Xavier's Cerebro lair.

The beginning of the game is introduced with Beast standing in front of Congress explaining the reasoning's behind the existence of mutants. Storm and Professor X talk about the threat of the end of their kind.

The first level begins with Wolverine fighting Sabertooth in New York at the Statue of Liberty. As Wolverine, I started to fight Sabertooth; he escaped and sent some extra re-enforcement - guys with guns. Once you take care of the soldiers, your final battle in the first level is taking on Sabertooth again. What makes fighting with Wolverine good is you can get full health back; on Playstation 2, that is hitting R2. I do have to say, fun times battling Sabertooth - both times.

You can also play in three different difficulty levels - Novice, Hero, and Superhero. By playing each level at novice, you can go through at the easiest level. But, you can earn extra X-Men mutation points by playing the levels at the higher difficulty levels.

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The second level you play as Iceman; ice slide through the air on your shields of ice. Once you learn the ways of 'flight,' Iceman has to put out the fires set by the fire raptors. This is when the game really gets interesting; even as a novice, it takes a couple times to get this level complete. I really liked this part of the game.

The rest of the 30 levels is just like this. And not only that, even though Nightcrawler isn't in X-Men: The Last Stand, he is in this game! Afterall, what would an X-Men game be without Nightcraweler - ok, this might just be me saying that; he's one of my favorite characters.

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I would definitely recommend this game as a must-have for any fan of X-Men and of first-player games.

X-Men: The Official Game is in stores now; it's rated T for Teen. It's available on Playstation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360, Nintendo Game Cube, Game Boy Advance, and on your PC.

X-Men: The Last Stand is in theaters now; it's rated PG-13.