It's hard to imagine a time before Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. He has been part of the pop culture landscape for the past 17 years. But this weekend, the icon brings it all to a close with his final X-Men movie Logan. To celebrate, the collective Internet has started to share a video that has been around for a while. It shows Hugh Jackman auditioning for the role of his lifetime way back in the 90s. That certainly seems like a long time ago.

Logan is a certified hit right out of the gate, pulling in a big $33 million during its first opening day. And Wolverine fever is at its pitch. It's a little hard to imagine now, with his presence fresh in theaters, but soon there will be a day when we have no new Wolverine movie to look forward too. This is Jackman's good-bye. And what better way to say adios than to see where it all began.

This video shows Hugh Jackman before the world knew him. He was a stage actor with few credits under his belt. And unlike today, he wasn't a household name. Heck, he wasn't a name at all. And when he was cast, fans around the world said, 'Hugh who?' With 9 X-Men movies under his belt, that certainly has changed over the past two decades. And Jackman has become one of the world's most recognizable commodities.

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Hugh's audition tape surfaced over 7 years ago, so there is a chance you may have seen it washing up in the tide ever so often. In this 11 minute video, we get to see Jackman read from various scenes in the original 2000 X-Men script. The info that comes with this Youtube video reads as such.

"Hugh Jackman auditions for the part of Wolverine in X-men. Hugh Jackman's first reading for Bryan Singer, 1999."

We don't get to see the young Bryan Singer in this video. We do, however, hear him giving Jackman some notes about the character of Logan. There is little tension here. As we know full well who won this part. It's interesting to hear Singer's thoughts on the whole process. At the end of the video you hear him chime in with some immortal last words.

"Alright, I've got to spin my wheels a little, and see how things go."

The belief is that Hugh Jackman had no idea if he'd won the role or not at the time of this taping. There isn't much more info to go on in terms of the video itself. The poster doesn't reveal much about its existence. Though it is an important part of Hollywood history for many reasons. We've also included video footage of Hugh Jackman and Bryan Singer on the X-Men set, which is exciting to see.

While Hugh Jackman is hanging up his claws after Logan, he has hinted that a Wolverine Vs Deadpool crossover could pull him back into the fold. And if that happens, Patrick Stewart, who has also retired from the franchise, thinks he might come back too. As for Bryan Singer, he is directing a live-action X-Men TV Show pilot for Fox this summer. And X-Men 7 will shoot later this year as well. But it will be the first X-Men movie aside from the Deadpool spin-off that is not graced by Hugh Jackman's presence.

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