300 producer Mark Canton indicated at WonderCon last weekend that the script for Xerxes is completed, although it is no longer being called Xerxes.

Here's what Mark Canton had to say about this 300 prequel below.

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"It's been worth the wait. You know, that group of people [who worked on 300], we're really a family. That's part of what made that movie so gratifying. Rather than doing the bad sequel we took our time. And now I think we have something that is going to be fantastic."

Mark Canton revealed that they didn't know what the title will now be, although he joked that it should be called "Xerxes Plus." The producer also isn't sure if Zack Snyder will return to direct Xerxes. Here are his cryptic comments below.

"Soon we'll know what we're doing. But I don't see us waiting two years to make the movie and Zack is very much at the helm of it at the same time."

We reported in February that Warner Bros. put an offer out for Guy Ritchie to direct Xerxes, although we haven't heard anything about Guy Ritchie's involvement since then. Zack Snyder will be rather busy with Superman, and it seems Warner Bros. wants to start both projects at the same time. Zack Snyder co-wrote the script for Xerxes along with Kurt Johnstad.