Waiting is Hell

There's still a lot going on down in Development Hell, but the frenzy seems to have died down just a bit. I think most of them snuck out to see Spider-Man or to wait in line for Episode II! In the meantime, a few of the imps are running around with some interesting, if sometimes doubtful, rumors and a few spots of big news!

Stax over at FilmForce does some interesting speculation about a recent Tom Hanks/Ron Howard meeting. This is not a rumor, but some pretty shrewd guesswork on his part. His thoughts are that Hanks might be taking the role of Davy Crockett in Howard's upcoming feature, The Alamo. Check out his article for some other interesting thoughts!

They really need to add a Game Adaption Hell down here. Coming Soon tells that the Zelda game series wants to move in down here. What the heck, give ‘em a broom closet!

For some odd reason Dreamworks wants to develop Space Monkeys as an all CG effort. The story centers on primates used in the space program of the 1950's.

Fresh off co-writing Attack of the Clones, Jonathan Hales has sold a pitch for Crusader to Disney. No, this is not the previously rumored Swartzenegger or Cameron projects but a new story concerning alien brothers battling each other for control of a kingdom.

It looks like Legion has gotten a director: Gregory Dark. Legion is described as a Road Warrior type film – with demons. Perhaps the guys down here can get a little film time. Hey, you didn't think it was all special effects, did you?

Your gonna love this one! Disney has acquired a spec script entitledSnow and the Seven. Apparently, this is some kind of horrible collision between Snow White and the Hong Kong martial arts action movies. I hope they keep the dwarves names for the monks. Should be good for a high unintentional comedy rating...

Finally! Things are starting to heat up for Orson Scott Card'sEnder's Game. Fresco Pictures reports that they've signed with a major studio and have settled on a detailed story line combining the events from two novels: Ender's Game and

Ender's Shadow. Look for more on this soon.