An adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra's beloved comic book series Y: The Last Man has been in languishing in development for several years at New Line Cinema, with filmmakers such as D.J. Caruso and Louis Leterrier once attached to direct. The last we heard about the project was in January 2013, when Dan Trachtenberg signed on to helm the apocalyptic adventure, but now the project is facing yet another hurdle.

During a recent interview, Brian K. Vaughan revealed that the comic book rights will revert back to himself and Pia Guerra, if production doesn't begin in the next few months.

"It's my understanding that the rights to Y: The Last Man will revert back to co-creator Pia Guerra and me for the first time in a decade if the planned New Line adaptation doesn't start shooting in the next few months, so I expect there will be some Y news in 2014 either way."

Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia wrote the most recent screenplay adaptation, which was said to be well-received by New Line executives last January. However, no cast members are in place, making it unlikely that the studio will meet this production deadline.

Shia LaBeouf was at one time associated with the project, due to his relationship with then director D.J. Caruso. At one time, it was believed that this would be their follow-up to Eagle Eye. That never happened, and its unlikely that Shia LaBeouf will be cast in the lead role at this late date if the film does come together.

The comic book follows Yorick Brown and his pet monkey, who inexplicably become the last two male mammals on Earth after a bizarre, cataclysmic event wipes out every other male human and animal on the planet. Yorick teams up with a mysterious government operative known only as 355, to get to the bottom of this mystery. The comic book series ran for 60 issues, addressing themes of gender politics through this coming-of-age drama. David S. Goyer, Chris Bender and J.C. Spink are attached to produce.