The struggle to bring celebrated comic Y: The Last Man to screens has been equally as dramatic as anything featured in Brian K. Vaughan's seminal post-apocalyptic tale. Well, we now have proof it is finally happening, with the first footage from the upcoming adaptation coming courtesy of a new trailer for FX on Hulu, which includes other original series such as The Old Man, starring Jeff Bridges, Reservation Dogs, which is executive produced by Taika Waititi, and the Ryan Murphy spinoff series American Horror Stories.

Debuting back in 2002, Vertigo's Y: The Last Man is a post-apocalyptic science fiction comic book series by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra, and centers on Yorick Brown and his pet Capuchin monkey Ampersand, the only males left alive after a mysterious event wipes out all living mammals with a Y chromosome. The series follows Yorick's adventures as he navigates his way through the new world, aligning with other survivors, most notably Agent 355, Yorick's hard-fighting bodyguard, in a struggle to keep Yorick safe and restore that which has been lost.

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Development on the series began back in 2015, with the adaptation losing showrunners, stars Imogen Poots and Lashana Lynch among others, as well as its lead actor in Eternals star Barry Keoghan. Warcraft actor Ben Schnetzer will now play the main character, Yorick, with Olivia Thirlby and Ashley Romans taking over from Poots and Lynch as Hero Brown, Yorick's sister who can be glimpsed on the footage, and Agent 355 respectively.

The rest of the ensemble cast includes Diane Lane as Yorick's mother, Congresswoman Jennifer Brown, Diana Bang as Dr. Allison Mann, Juliana Canfield as Beth DeVille, Marin Ireland as Nora Brady, Amber Tamblyn as Kimberly Cunningham, Paul Gross as the U.S. President, and Elliot Fletcher as Sam Jordan. Rubicon writer Eliza Clark will now serve as showrunner, as well as writing the first two episodes, with Louise Friedberg directing. FX has since announced that the entire first season will be directed by women.

Fans finally get their first look at the Y: The Last Man series, with the footage showing the impact of the inciting event that kicks of the story, with some close-ups of a very troubled Diane Lane and a traumatized Olivia Thirlby featuring prominently.

The footage also debuts the first look at American Horror Story spin-off, American Horror Stories, which will feature self-contained anthological episodes as opposed to a season long arc and is sure to be an exciting prospect for fans of the hugely popular horror show. We also get a glimpse of acting legend Jeff Bridges in the promising upcoming thriller The Old Man, which finds Bridges as a former intelligence officer now living off the radar, who finds himself targeted for assassination and is forced back into the world he left behind. Reservation Dogs is also teased in the trailer, a series that has been created by Taika Waititi and Sterlin Harjo which follows the lives of four Native teenagers in rural Oklahoma, as they spend their days committing crime, and fighting it.

Y: The Last Man, American Horror Stories, The Old Man, and Reservation Dogs are coming to FX on Hulu sometime in 2021.