The Simpsons Movie: According to Yeardley Smith, who has been voicing 'Lis Simpson' on "The Simpsons" for over 13 seasons now, claims that it's still gonna be a while until the formation of a 'Simpsons' movie hits theaters. Her recent interview with The Associated Press reveals some new details...

Writers are working now, but the voice of Lisa Simpson, Yeardley Smith, said the film won't be made until the series is over, and it still has at least two seasons to go. Smith said it will then take three years to make the movie because "animation takes forever."

Despite the lengthy process, Smith says she's glad to hear about the movie. "My wish for the show is that it go out with a bang and not a pimple," Smith told AP Radio. "And if we can do a movie and it can be as good as our best episodes, I'm thrilled. I think that would be wonderful."

Smith said she hopes the writers will keep Lisa's childlike sense of humor in the movie.

"If they just make her too esoteric, too philosophical, too bright, too much the voice of reason then she really becomes insufferable," she said. "You have to always, always, always remember that she's 8 and that she's a huge Itchy and Scratchy fan, that she loves Krusty the Clown. And that in spite of her beliefs and her issues, she's a kid."