The Robert Zemeckis project Yellow Submarine has been cut loose at Disney, which is the result of Mars Needs Moms opening with just $6.9 million at the box office this past weekend. Mars Needs Moms was produced with a $150 million production budget.

Robert Zemeckis served as a producer of Mars Needs Moms, and now the filmmaker must seek another studio home for his remake of the classic movie starring The Beatles.

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The director had already assembled a cast for Yellow Submarine back in January of 2010, with Cary Elwes, Peter Serafinowicz, Adam Campbell, and Dean Lennox Kelly slated to star. There have been virtually no updates on the project since that news broke, although Yellow Submarine had been plagued with problems with the budget and a December start date was scrapped and never rescheduled.

The plan was said to use motion-capture technology which Robert Zemeckis used in Beowulf, Disney's a Christmas Carol, and Mars Needs Moms. 16 songs from The Beatles were to be used in the movie.

Now Robert Zemeckis is free to take the project to another studio.