When does Yellowstone Season 4 start? Fans have been champing at the bit to see a release date for the premier of the Paramount series. The story revolves around the Dutton family, led by patriarch John Dutton, who controls the largest contiguous cattle ranch in the U.S. The Duttons aim to safeguard their legacy as they encounter clashes with land developers, pressure from an Indian reservation and attacks from numerous foes.

While we impatiently wait for a summer release date, Kevin Costner has kept the fans busy by posting a pensive John Dutton image with the caption, "What's going through John Dutton's mind here? Wrong answers only." And the replies are side-splitting. Some of my favorites are:

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"I wish I was still The Bodyguard, it was way less stressful."
"Have I danced with any wolves today?
"Should I build a baseball field?"

My contribution would be 'Back, and to the left, back, and to the left, back, and to the left.' JFK, come on. They really write themselves. However, the most repeated response to his challenge has got to be the cry from fans.

"I wonder when Yellowstone Season 4 starts???"

You can't blame them. With an all-star cast including Kevin Costner, Wes Bentley, Kelly Reilly, Luke Grimes, Cole Hauser, and Gil Birmingham and countless guest stars (Dabney Coleman as John Dutton Sr.?!) and award-winning writing by Taylor Sheridan, Yellowstone fans are ravenous for the story to continue. How ravenous? By the series' third episode, it was reported that Yellowstone had become the second-most-watched television series on ad-supported cable to air in 2018, only behind AMC's The Walking Dead.The fans need a name. Yellowstoners? Is that a little to on the nose? I'm using it.

Yellowstone had a lukewarm reception for its start, but it didn't take long for fans to escape into what has been described as a moving artistic masterpiece. When asked why he thinks the show resonates with so many people, Kevin Costner says, "Bitter Root was the same valley that Lewis and Clark went down in 1803, you know, when they were exploring the country. It was like the Garden of Eden. And that's not lost on me everyday, to understand and to think of what it was like to head into the unknown, without understanding where you are going. And to make your way to the Pacific Ocean. Listen, I don't like courtroom dramas. I like sometimes the writing, but I would rather be out where I am. I think a lot of people are experiencing that with Yellowstone."

He cruelly left us hanging speaking of the season 3 finale, where we see John Dutton helping someone to the side of the road, get shot, making his fate unknown.

When asked if he'd return for Yellowstone season 4, Costner replied, "I can't say," he said. "There's an ending that you're gonna see, hopefully, it's a powerful one for you." He went on to discuss how much he enjoyed being part of projects with a clear and dramatic arc and encouraged fans "just try to enjoy it right up to the end if you can." Then he teased recently, "Missing Yellowstone Ranch today. Can't wait for you guys to see season 4!" Well, we can't either, Kev!