Two 15-year-old yoga enthusiasts in Manitoba who work at a convenience store after school join forces with a legendary man-hunter to battle an ancient evil and fight for their lives in the long-awaited first trailer for Yoga Hosers! This exciting sneak peek has arrived courtesy of Smodcast Pictures and Gulf Films. The horror comedy is the second in Kevin Smith's True North trilogy, which kicked off with 2014's Tusk and will be continued in Moose Jaws, which doesn't have a date set yet.

After investigating the abduction of a podcaster searching for a human walrus, Johnny Depp returns as bumbling private detective Guy Lapionte. He joins forces with two hard rockin' teenage girls played by his own daughter Lily-Rose Depp and director Kevin Smith's daughter Harley Quinn Smith. The pair hold down jobs at a Canadian convince store as two 'clerks' conveniently named Colleen. They become wrapped up in an invasion of what can only be described as 'Nazi Sausage Monsters'. These 'Bratzis' are out to destroy the Great White North, and it's up to Colleen, Colleen and Lapointe to save the day.

Newly-launched company Invincible Pictures has signed on to distribute Yoga Hosers as its first feature film, setting a July 29, 2017 release date. While it isn't known how wide a release the film is getting, the movie will be going up against Universal's Jason Bourne and STX Entertainment's Bad Moms. Before the movie hits theaters, the director will actually take the movie on a nationwide tour.

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The first seven dates of this Yoga Hosers tour have been announced, with additional dates set to be added in the near future. The tour kicks off on June 1 in New Orleans at the Joy Theater, followed by a June 2 stop at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall in Ponte Vedra, Florida. The tour continues on June 6 at the Houston Improv in Houston, Texas, followed by a screening at the Studio 35 Cinema & Drafthouse in Columbus, Ohio on June 12. The final three dates of the tour are July 8 at The Carolina Theatre in Durham, North Carolina, July 12 at The Improv in San Jose, California and July 17 at the Cobbs Comedy Club in San Francisco, California. Here's what director Kevin Smith had to say in his statement about the release.

"I can't thank Tom and the whole Invincible team enough for backing the weirdest, least appropriate kids' movie ever made. Yoga Hosers means the world to me: because my family is in it and because it's the movie I most wanted to see back when I was a 12-year-old girl. And even though I made the people I love most in this world do and say some of the stupidest s- ever put in a movie, I was still very particular about who would shepherd our film into the box office wild lands. Invincible made a passionate case for making us their inaugural theatrical release. And even though I took four years of Spanish in high school, passion is my second language. I can't wait to tour the movie and watch it right beside the audience every night, and then answer for my sins afterwards."

The supporting cast includes a number of Tusk stars in much different roles, such as Michael Parks, Justin Long, Haley Joel Osment, Genesis Rodriguez, Ralph Garman, Jennifer Schwallbach Smith, the director's wife, Harley Morenstein and Tony Hale. The director's True North trilogy will close out with Moose Jaws, which the director has teased will feature the gruesome death of his iconic Silent Bob character. Check out the first trailer, which arrives along with two new photos featuring The Two Colleens and Guy Lapionte.

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