Super LTD has released the trailer for You Cannot Kill David Arquette. This documentary was originally supposed to be part of this year's SXSW lineup but, unfortunately, the annual festival was canceled in light of current events. But the movie is making its way to release later this month and now, we have a good look at what is coming down the pipeline. As we can see, we are getting a behind-the-scenes look at Arquette, the professional wrestler, as opposed to the actor, known for his work in the Scream franchise.

The trailer opens up with David Arquette getting ready to enter the ring as part of his comeback to the world of professional wrestling. But his reputation in that world is quickly brought to light, as fans the world over detest Arquette as a wrestler.

We see that, two decades ago, Arquette won the WCW title, which was highly controversial and ultimately hurt his career. The main focus is on Arquette's attempted comeback in the world of professional wrestling, which looks to be a painful process. While the sport is staged, the injuries are very real. There is heavy metal, blood, drama and plenty of fighting.

David Darg and Price James directed the documentary. It was filmed over a three-year period and features Patricia Arquette, Courteney Cox, Ric Flair, Diamond Dallas Page, Jack "Jungle Boy" Perry and RJ City, among others. Super LTD, a division of Neon, scooped up the rights to the movie back in May.

You Cannot Kill David Arquette picks up after the actor was branded as the most hated man in wrestling after winning a highly controversial WCW World Heavyweight Championship in 2000. David Arquette attempts a rocky comeback to the sport that halted his promising Hollywood career which began with a breakout role in the horror classic Scream. Dangerously determined to redeem his reputation and reclaim his self-respect, Arquette will stop at nothing to earn his place in professional wrestling. Arquette, who serves as an executive producer, had this to say about it when Super LTD scooped up the rights.

"I set out to make this film to stand up for myself, to rewrite the ending to my story, and find a place where I could be proud of my time in the ring. We couldn't wish for a better company to share this love letter to the wrestling world."

Christina McLarty Arquette, Bryn Mooser, David Darg, Ross Levine, and Stacey Souther are on board as producers. Executive producers include Franklin McLarty, Gabby McLarty, Justin Lacob, and Kathryn Everett. The movie will first arrive at drive-in theaters on August 21. Drive-ins have largely been keeping the box office alive during the theater shutdown and have proved to be fertile ground for smaller movies over the last handful of months. You Cannot Kill David Arquette will then arrive on digital and on demand on August 28 from Super LTD. Be sure to check out the new trailer for yourself.

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