You Got Served 2:MTV recently caught up with Omarion and Marques Houston at the recent taping of the MTV Movie Awards who revealed that they are working on a sequel to their hit dancing drama, You Got Served.

Chris Stokes, who manages both singers, will again direct. He is currently discussing the script with the co-stars and plans to begin shooting in late summer.

"We're messing with the concept right now, trying to get it perfect, 'cause trying to top the first one is a big step," Houston said. "We don't want to do something that's too much like the first one, but not too far from it either. Sequels are tough."

"There's so many different directions we could go," Omarion added. "I didn't have a father [in the first film], maybe my father could come back."

Omarion said his former groupmates, who had an ugly breakup with Stokes (see "Omarion Calls B2K Breakup 'A Real Sad Situation' "), are invited to return, but he's not sure it'll happen. "Everyone's cool, but we're all doing our own things," he said.