You co-creator Sera Gamble says main character Joe is not a sociopath. Netflix recently launched season 2 of the hit series. After a rather turbulent season 1, which resulted in Joe (Penn Badgley) killing his season 1 love interest, there has been a lot of talk about the main character. This is quite the opposite of the character Badgley played on Gossip Girl, and fans have been interested to see where You season 2 will take him.

After seeing Joe kill his love interest in You season 1 of the hit Netflix series, and seeing his thought process, a lot of people assumed the character is a sociopath. However, that isn't the case, according to showrunner and co-creator Sera Gamble. Whatever the case may be, there's something going on in Joe's head that separates him from a lot of people. Gamble explains.

"Joe's not a sociopath. Killing isn't easy for Joe, but he obviously has something inside him that allows him to cross lines in what he considers extreme circumstances... People who do bad things aren't that different from people who don't."

You season 2 marks the first time that Netflix received all original episodes. The first season appeared on Lifetime before getting picked up by the streaming platform. As for those fans who believe Joe may have gotten all of the murder out of his system, season 2 puts the character in some pretty big binds, teases Sera Gamble. She likened the second season to True Detective and had this to say about it.

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"He's learning from his past relationships in that he's making new mistakes. You can see he's evolving. He's arguably picking women more suited to him, but you know, Joe's justification for murder hasn't evolved terribly."

You was far from a hit on Lifetime. The subject material might have been too much after seeing the train of thought from the main characters. Very relatable characters making terrible mistakes that have huge consequences isn't for everybody. With that being said, the true crime and even fictional crime genres are huge right now, especially on Netflix. So when the show was brought over, a lot more people paid attention and were very happy to hear that a season 2 was on the way.

Netflix put season 2 of You up the day after Christmas, so it's able to stream and binge right now. Season 3 is already being talked about, so it's only a matter of time before we get to learn some more about the mysterious Joe, who definitely is not a sociopath, according to the showrunner of the series. Joe really believes he's a good guy on the show, which kind of really sounds like a sociopath, but whatever. Sera Gamble knows the character better than anyone and knows the secrets of the show's future. The interview with Sera Gamble was originally conducted by TV Guide.

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