Young Guns star Lou Diamond Phillips has now confirmed that yes, he has gotten the call for proposed sequel Young Guns 3 and that yes, he is hoping to return. Based on the overwhelmingly positive response to the recent news that a third installment in the Young Guns franchise is in development there is clearly an appetite for more from the mismatched crew, with Phillips hoping that they can work out a way to bring him back.

"I will say that there are a couple of other characters where we're not sure what happened. It'll maybe be one of those 'get the band back together' kind of situation. If they can make it happen, I'll be there."
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Lou Diamond Phillips, who played Jose Chavez y Chavez in both Young Guns and Young Guns II, believes that things were left just ambiguous enough for several characters, including his own, and that resurrecting them shouldn't be too difficult a task.

"I got that phone call a year ago. I know that Emilio has been working on it, and what's even more encouraging is that John Fusco, the creator of the first two movies, is working on it with him. There's just enough ambiguity about Chavez's death that means he might have survived just like Billy the Kid did."

The actor is clearly very excited at the prospect of returning for a third round of gun-slinging, especially with the involvement of both Emilio Estevez and director John Fusco.

Released way back in 1988, the first Young Guns stars Kiefer Sutherland, Charlie Sheen, Dermot Mulroney, Casey Siemaszko, Terence Stamp, Terry O'Quinn, Brian Keith, and Jack Palance alongside Lou Diamond Phillips and Emilio Estevez. When their employer John Tunstall (Terence Stamp), is gunned down by the crooked Lawrence G. Murphy (Jack Palance), this ragtag group of cow hands come together to ride forth in search of bloody vengeance for the death of their beloved mentor and friend.

While Young Guns received mixed reviews from critics, the movie was a hit at the box office, grossing a worldwide total of $56 million against an $11 million budget. The movie spawned a sequel in the form of 1990's Young Guns II, which reunites the cast and further explores the life and times of Emilio Estevez's Billy the Kid. Despite Young Guns II receiving even worse reviews than its predecessor, both movies have since gone on to garner a cult following, with the first movie in particular being heralded as an iconic 80s treasure.

Hollywood is still very much in the habit of utilizing nostalgia to revive franchises and legacy sequels, but even so, the news Young Guns 3 is now in development still came a surprise to many. Director first revealed the news via social media saying, "Emilio Estevez and I are excited to be collaborating on this continuation of the Billy the Kid saga - and you're going to love where it goes."

Here's hoping that Lou Diamond Phillips' Jose Chavez y Chavez will ride again. Besides, would it really be Young Guns without him? This comes to us courtesy of Forbes.