In a recent interview, Mark Hamill revealed who he thinks would be perfect to portray a young Luke Skywalker. The legendary Star Wars actor was just honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame where Harrison Ford and George Lucas came out to support him. Hamill just played Luke Skywalker for what might be the last time ever in The Last Jedi, so talks have already started about who will be the next in line to play a young Luke.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is the next Star Wars movie to be released, but a lot of fans are wondering who would play a young Luke Skywalker in the future. Mark Hamill has given this some thought and he knows who he'd like to see follow in his footsteps. While many fans believe that Sebastian Stan (Infinity War) closely resembles a young Hamill, the actor has another idea who could play an even younger version of Luke. He explains.

"It depends on what point in Luke's life that you would have him be in the movie. Because at first I'm thinking ... the whole point of Luke was that he was bored silly with his life. All he was doing was bullseyeing wamp rats in his T-16. Now, if they could do now where they have five or six plots and you're cutting around what's going on all around him and they keep cutting back to a really young Luke, I thought, The one I love is Jacob Tremblay."

Jacob Tremblay was in The Book of Henry, which was directed by Colin Trevorrow who was originally on board to write and direct Star Wars 9. The movie was critically panned and bombed at the box office, but Tremblay's performance was praised. He'll be seen next in Shane Black's The Predator in September of this year. Jacob Tremblay was very excited to meet Mark Hamill for the first time on the red carpet for The Book of Henry and he definitely has the look down to play a young Luke.

Many hardcore Star Wars fans were disappointed with Rian Johnson's decision to portray Luke Skywalker as an old disillusioned Jedi. However, the performance was one of Mark Hamill's finest and quite possibly, the best of his career. Now that some of the dust has settled, fans are slowly starting to come back around to The Last Jedi and more will see it when it's released on Blu-ray at the end of the month.

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Mark Hamill's shoes will not be easy ones to fill when it comes to finding a young person to play Luke Skywalker. A young Han Solo was a little easier because not much was known about the character before fans got to see him in A New Hope. Luke's story is told on the big screen in the original trilogy, so we will more than likely see someone like Sebastian Stan play the character after the events of Return of the Jedi and before The Force Awakens. You can check out the original interview with Mark Hamill over at Variety.

Kevin Burwick