The Good

It's always good to a see a cast of upcoming actors showcased in a show like this.

The Bad

Overall, this show just didn't feel very authentic.

I don't know what I was expecting from The Young Riders: The Complete First Season, but I was and I wasn't disappointed. This fictionalized show begins in 1860 as we see the main cast members become Pony Express Riders. Within this group there just so happens to be people like "Buffalo Bill" Cody and "Wild Bill Hickock. All of the people involved in this group will join the fight to help Native Americans, runaway slaves and other groups who find themselves in some kind of trouble.

Filled with a lot of action, The Young Riders: The Complete First Season wasn't a bad show as far as casual entertainment goes. Where it falters is in it's look and authenticity. Like in my review for Over There, I never got past the fact that I was watching actors on a set playing cowboys.


No extras came with this DVD.


1.33:1 - Full Screen. The picture quality, DVD compression and other technical aspects of this show are fine. It is the actual look, the set design of this show that really leaves something to be desired. Even looking at the front cover artwork for this movie, I felt like I was seeing a bunch of actors dressed up instead of a group of real, authentic characters.


Dolby Digital. English - Stereo. Close Captioned. I had to turn up the audio on my TV a bit louder than I thought I would, but once I did that I didn't need to adjust it for any of the other episodes that make up this five disc set. There is a lot of music used throughout the episodes to try and create a mood and tone, and while I think this works at times, overall even the musical numbers felt a little forced.


The main cast of The Young Riders: The Complete First Season stands on the front cover. It looks like they have been photoshopped in front of a set from Bonanza. The back cover features a silhouette of a soldier on horseback, some shots from the show, a very brief description of what The Young Riders is about and some technical specs. The five discs that make up this set are stored in three slim, plastic cases with different shots of the cast on each one. There are episode indexes and descriptions on the back of these covers as well. Solid, sturdy packaging for a well put together set.

Final Word

It could be because I am a little bit older but why can't studios make a really good western TV show like Bonanza or Gunsmoke? Those shows looked so rich and they felt so authentic. It isn't that The Young Riders: The Complete First Season doesn't have any of that, I just never really bought what I was seeing. I felt like they had assembled some actors, put them in some western clothing and then went to some place off the Sony lot to shoot this show.

Who knows maybe they did that with those other western shows too but at least those shows don't feel that way.

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