The New World: New Line Cinema have provided MovieWeb with your first look at Colin Farrell, starring as Captain John Smith, in Terrance Malick's, The New World!

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The New World is an epic adventure set amid the encounter of European and Native American cultures during the founding of the Jamestown Settlement in 1607. Inspired by the legend of John Smith (Colin Farrell) and Pocahontas, acclaimed filmmaker Terrence Malick transforms this classic story into a sweeping exploration of love, loss and discovery, both a celebration and an elegy of the America that was…and the America that was yet to come. Against a historically accurate Virginia backdrop, Malick has set a dramatized tale of two strong-willed characters-a passionate and noble young native woman and an ambitious soldier of fortune-torn between the undeniable requirements of their civic duty and the inescapable demands of the human heart. The film features an accomplished cast that includes Christopher Plummer, Christian Bale, August Schellenberg, Wes Studi, David Thewlis, Yorick van Wageningen and newcomer Q’orianka Kilcher as Pocahontas. Behind the camera is an all-star production team that includes director of photography Emmanuel Lubezki (Y Tu Mama Tambien, Sleepy Hollow), production designer Jack Fisk (Mulholland Drive, The Thin Red Line), costume designer Jacqueline West (Quills, Rising Sun) and film editor Richard Chew (Star Wars, Shanghai Noon). The New World is scheduled for a Fall 2005 release.