Star Wars: Episode III:The have posted what appears to be the very first live-action shot of the new Star Wars bad guy, 'General Grievous', in the upcoming finale, Star Wars: Episode III. The site claims that image appears to come directly from the cover of an upcoming issue of the UK Star Wars magazine. Rumor has it right now, that actor Gary Oldman is in talks to voice the villian.

CLICK HERE for a high resolution look at the character.

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Another bit of interesting news about when and where to catch Episode III on TV comes from one of the sites readers...

darthdave00 tells us that on tonight's "Access Hollywood" they had a quick promo for their next episode. They announced that next time a special behind the secenes EP III sneak preview would be played. Dave also said it even showed some green-screen Anakin stuff to whet the appetite. Sounds great - set the TiVo now! Find your local listing from this page.

Hopefully this will be more than just a rehash of the web documentaries. We'll get it online as soon as possible - the forums are buzzing!